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Bei Jing Apeman

In 2006, when the company was founded, we were just a small workshop. Start with some small processing orders, we began to develop and grow up step by step slowly and difficultly. During this periods, we experienced the survival crisis of the company itself and the global economic crisis in 2008. However, we firmly grasped the nettle. We have not only overcome all of the hardness, but also ushered in new development opportunities. We have met various brand owners who are discerning and have started large-scale OEM and ODM brand products.

With concerted efforts, the company has been recognized and appreciated by major brand owners.

This is indeed the evolutionary history of North Weaver man, who experienced the process from simple, difficult crawling on four legs to the great walking upright.  Weaver goes through a long process and squeezed centuries of sadness, but we humans do it and stand at the top of the biological chain.

Weaver we need to uphold the spirit of continuous improvement and sustainable development, so that in the way of entering the world, weaver will go on more steadily and further.

  • 2015

  • 某某皮具箱包


  • 某某皮具箱包

    意为亲吻 ,是一种常见的情感表达方式,吻的背后隐含着爱与感动,用来表达亲情、爱情以及胜利、成功的激情。

  • 2016

  • 某某皮具箱包


  • 某某皮具箱包



  • 2017

  • 某某皮具箱包